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Foundation Funds

Endowed funds produce charitable income every year and help donors create a legacy of giving.

Supports Foundation operations so that we are always here to help you impact today and transform tomorrow!

  • Jewell County Administrative Fund

Designated funds provide a permanent source of income to support your favorite charities even long after you are gone.

Designated Fund Fact Sheet

Current Designated Funds

Contact the Foundation about setting up a designated fund.

Field of interest funds respond to current and future needs by letting you support a specific cause or geographic area rather than a specific charity. Grants are determined by a local committee.

Field of Interest Fact Sheet

Current Field of Interest Funds

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund- Jewell County
Supports projects or programs in the following areas in Jewell County: arts & culture; community beautification; community social services & security; conservation & environment; education; healthcare

Donor advised funds are a simple and flexible "charitable savings account" that let you decide when and where to give.

Donor Advised Fund Fact Sheet

Current Donor Advised Funds

Contact the Foundation to set up a donor advised fund.

Organization funds offer a simple and efficient way for your nonprofit to build capacity and provide long-term support for your mission.

Organization Fund Fact Sheet

Current Organization Funds

Jewell County Historical Society

Provisional Funds serve as a short-term vehicle to collect charitable donations for a community project, such as a public-private partnership.

Provisional Fund Fact Sheet

Current Provisional Funds

Contact the Foundation if you are interested in setting up a provisional fund.

Scholarship Funds support student education and impact our future leaders.

We offer two different scholarship fund options for donors based on their interest and budget. Designated Scholarship Funds partner with schools and other nonprofits to facilitate the process, whereas the Community Foundation manages the process, start to finish, for Traditional Scholarship Funds.

Scholarship Fund Fact Sheet

Current Scholarship Funds- Designated

Contact the Foundation about setting up a designated scholarship fund.

Current Scholarship Funds- Traditional

Contact the Foundation about setting up a traditional scholarship fund.

Unrestricted community grant funds are flexible and help meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Grants are determined by our local grants committee.

Current Unrestricted Funds

  • Jewell County Community Fund